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Nobody’s Going to Bed

An imagined audio dialogue between the Haight Street drunks Raymond and Peter from Shut Up Little Man” as they grapple with spiritual matters, and whether or not to go to bed.

Sources & Thanks

Text Markov Chain combinations of 1) transcripts of Shut Up Little Man” and 2) Mrs. Whittelsey’s Magazine for Mothers.” Generated text was lightly edited and dialogue sequence was heavily curated.

Speech Speech audio generated through Amazon Polly Michael” (Peter) and Joey” (Raymond) voices, then modified in the style of drunk speech with speech synthesis markup language (SSML) and light audio editing. Drink clinks and ambient street sounds from

Visuals I overlaid a gif of VHS glitch over a gif of eggs.

Thanks to Alison Parrish who shared Markov Chain code at Code Societies 2019 @ SFPC!

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